What is Dynamic Programming?

Dynamic Programming is essentially an improvement over plain recursion. Any place we see a recursive arrangement that has repeated calls for same inputs, we can optimize it using Dynamic Programming. The idea is to just store the solutions of subproblems, so we don’t need to re-compute them when required later.

When using approaches like Divide-and-Conquer, a sub-problem may be solved multiple times. So Divide-and-Conquer methods shall have to perform more work in these cases. …

The above one was one of the many scenarios which made us choose “Plascovid” as our project. During this tough time of Covid-19 we came across various instances where plasma of COVID-19 treated patient was required urgently. And for this they were putting their information on their stories, on Insta pages and other social media handles which was neither very effective nor safe. So, we came up with a web portal which can help them in getting required information related to donors in more organized and effective manner.

About our project

Talking about our project, we have made a web portal which will…

Shubham Mittal

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